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Welcome to Playtime Academy for Little Learners

Motto: Reaching each child’s potential

Playtime’s ethos is aimed at optimizing each child’s learning potential. To achieve this aim Playtime strives to create the warmth and nurturing environment necessary for each child to feel safe and loved. While the child’s physical needs are met, they are being stimulated in ALL areas of development. The Playtime team are aware of their accountability before God in training and nurturing these precious children through delivering quality education at a grass roots level.

A child does not attend Playtime in isolation. The child’s whole family becomes a part of the Playtime family and the journey is one of growth and development in all spheres of life. The love, acceptance and guidance received by each child is filtered down through the whole family and influences the community as a whole. In this way Playtime has become a community institution and has successfully built a very firm educational foundation for countless Port Elizabeth families.

Meet the Owners


Thank you for taking the time to meet me. My name is Charmaine Holder and I have been in pre-primary education for more than twenty years. I am married to Peter Holder and we have two grown children who are married and we have been blessed so far, with three beautiful grandchildren. I am a qualified pre-primary teacher and have been the principal of Playtime Academy for Little Learners since 1991.

Not many people truly discover their passion in life, but I am privileged to say that I have and that is working with people, especially little children!
Not only is this a passion in my life, but I know it is my calling, it is what God created me to be and do. Have I done it perfectly? I am I sure I have not, but what I do know is that I always give of my best and try to deliver with excellence.

Throughout the last 26 years, some 4,000 students have passed through my hands and I pray that one day I will meet them in heaven and rejoice in the great things they have achieved in their lives.

I am eternally grateful for the teachers that have been at Playtime over the years as well. I know that I am not the easiest person to be working for as I continually challenge each teacher to deliver her best and nothing less every moment of every day. The teachers at Playtime are expected to and encouraged to improve upon themselves first and foremost as a person and to further their studies and grow in their understanding of early childhood development. My girls, and they are my girls, I am happy to report have all risen and continue to rise to these challenges and I thank them most sincerely for this.

Needless to say, apart from the Lord Jesus, and the fantastic teaching staff as well as all the assistant staff and our cook in the kitchen, I could never have done what I have done over these last 26 years without the 100% support of my husband Peter. I thank him most sincerely for being my greatest cheerleader, my best buddy and my most honest critic through all the good and the difficult times at Playtime and our 46 years of "doing life together".

To my current teachers and assistants to the teachers, I want to say a very special word of THANKS!!!! You are all awesome and the best team of women we have had over the years! Keep up the good work and always remember, " do ALL things as unto the Lord".
As a woman of God, I don't believe that one can RETIRE from serving God, however I have stepped down as the principal of Playtime but I will be stepping up as a mentor and oversight to the staff. I will still have a definite "presence" at the school and will still contribute much in the future in order to maintain and facilitate the high standard of education that we deliver at the school. I have no doubt that Playtime will continue to go from strength to strength providing a solid foundation of education for little ones in their pre-school years.

I will always be thankful to God for the years He has entrusted me to be the principal of this awesome school and the lessons that He allowed me to learn. But as His word says.....

"Unto all things there is a season" and I thank God that I can step AWAY as the principal of Playtime with grace and dignity and embrace the next season of my life!

My husband, Peter Holder, will continue in the roll of bursar.

God bless you all
Charmaine Holder

Meet the Principal:

Welcome to Playtime Academy for Little Learners. My name is Ardyne Lewis and I was appointed as the Principal in January 2017. It is an exciting adventure and I enjoy every minute of it.
I am passionate about Education and it is an honour and blessing for me to be able to pursue my dream. At Playtime Academy for Little Learners we strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning. Children learn best when there are firm and loving Godly boundaries in place. We create an environment that is safe and fun which will help your child learn and be the best that they can be.
The Pre-school years are extremely important, as this is where the first building blocks of the child’s education is laid. We stay on the cutting edge and continually raise the benchmark of pre-school education.
We have installed INTERACTIVE SMART BOARDS in our Grade R classes and this has been very exciting for our learners and an invaluable teaching aid for the teachers.
All the staff are committed and understand the importance of focusing on the holistic development of each and every child. Every child matters because when your child joins our school we consider you and you and your family a part of the Playtime family.
We welcome all inquiries and invite you to make an appointment with our school secretary to meet with us over a cup of tea and view our facility and meet the staff.
Thank you for taking the time to view our website.
Yours in Education,
Ms Ardyne Lewis
(School Principal)


Our Programs:

The activities program is devised in such a manner that learning occurs easily and naturally and play is also integrated into all aspects of the program. At Playtime all activities are intended to stimulate the children’s development whilst respecting their own learning space. Play is integrated into all aspects of our program, allowing learning to occur easily and naturally.

In order to make the day interesting and exciting for the children, the program is developed around a number of routine and academic activities. Activities organized around arrival at the school and when the children are collected at the end of the day are included in the program. These activities are all structured age appropriately and they all incorporate learning through play and mastery of skills.


  • Social activities involving meal and snack times.
  • Activities involving hygiene and naptime.
  • Activites that are structured and semi-structed.
  • Fantasy and Free play.
  • Activities involving indoor and outdoor play.

Key Development Areas:

All activities are structured (age appropriately) to develop the following development areas:

  • Intellectual development.
  • Physical development.
  • Social development.
  • Emotional development.

Playtime Academy provides education for learners aged from 2 years up and until Grade R. Playtime Academy for Little Learners is situated in Newton Park and caters for families from all Port Elizabeth suburbs.


A special thanks from a grateful Mom and Dad


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